The notice to post articles on the website
  1. The purpose: to publish the articles about new view 、concepts、 new experiment、and phenomenon in physics.
  2. The rules about articles: to abide by the related law regulation and preserve the brand right of our website.
  3. The content of articles: to keep articles specific opinions, true statistics district sentences and to show the key points. The articles will be returned to the author for amending if it doesn’t match to our rules.
  4. The form of articles: Microsoft word 97/2000(.doc).PDF and their compressing forms can be used. The articles should be kept integrity.
  5. The type of articles: including title/outline/content body/brief/introduce to be author (penname can be used).The file's length is less than 15MB.
  6. The form of posting articles: E-mail can be used to, including the article body, author(true name) and address, brief(less than 80 words) and key words.
  7. Time of publishing: The articles will be examined and published in time within the most less time by the website. And the articles will be kept 6-12 months on the website.
  8. Notice points: The author should deep his/her own papers and can deal with it by himself/herself if there is no notice from the website. There is no reward for the author’s publishing on the website. The copyright belongs to the website.
  9. Withdrawing of articles: The author can contact the website by E-mail to withdraw his/her article.
  10. Explaining right: Our website has the final explaining right to the website itself.

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